Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Journal Entry #2

Holiday season is always a mess, so I apologize for the delay in getting updates on here more frequently. Over Christmas, my girlfriend had a bit of a freak on out me, and we temporarily broke up because we've been together four years and I haven't proposed or offered for her to move in.

Anyway, irrelevant information, but at least you know WHY I haven't been on here for almost a month.

Damage Control.

So, I picked up where I left off with the journal last night, and the second entry isn't as interesting as the first, but still is strange. I'll post my thoughts after the entry.

Again, no date.

I can't tell how long I've been here, hours are difficult to count without any reference. I don't think the sun ever cracks through those clouds, or if it's just evening and the hours pass by slowly. It rains a lot, but there's never thunder. Never lightning. It just rains. Dark and dreary. In some ways, it takes me back to that night. Everything about it feels the same.

Today I was unable to meet anyone. I was ignored by anyone I approached, so I explored. Not long before the rain fell so heavy, I was shivering in my bones and needed shelter. I came across this old building, door unlocked. An old multi-room, multi-story house. Inside, I found a room and warmed up. I'm still here, writing this now. I can see the rain clearing, there's a balcony outside the room.

It's always quiet. 

Again, I went through grandpa's photos and found something that he may be talking about. Took three scans to get this one to work, but finally got a clear one. Check it out.

What I'm not understanding is why Grandpa Mack has no idea where he is at this point. Maybe he'll talk about it later, but I've never been in a situation where I have no clue at all where I am. I've woke up a house with no clue how I got there before, but I at least knew, generally, where on a map I was.

I suppose this was before Google maps.

Alright, hopefully it's not another month before the next update. Until then, wish me luck with relationship woes!

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